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HasanRoohani, the president of Islamic Republic of Iran
The international award of Ferdowsi will be granted to Ferdowsi researches
The international award of Ferdowsi will be granted to Ferdowsi researches
	l of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a manuscript wrote :
It is essential such actions will happen for the revival of other historical monuments , with appreciation of the officials of the province, he announced the government 's desire to support for this type of moves.

According to Information Center of the Fund for Revival and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Places (SAABTA)the details of manuscript are as follows:

In 21\2\95 (May 10th 2016) on the occasion of provincial traveling , we traveled to Kerman Province and visited the noble and brave people of this city and after the public speech among the elite and
	 entrepreneurs of the province and opening ceremony of the important projects( totally 14O billion Rials), I visited Fath Abad Garden which is one of the revitalized and restored projects of the Kerman Province at 20 :00 oclock.
	Honestly the revival of this Qajar period monumentand transforming it to a public center is very admirable and valuable action.

This place is a sign for Iranian taste and talent in Islamic- Iranian architecture and it will be interesting for architectural researchers.

I would like to appreciate the officials of the province specially the governor of Kerman Province for the revival of this valuable monument in a short time.

It is essential to take such actions for the rest of historical monuments. The government is supportive and encouraging in this field.