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The international award of Ferdowsi will be granted to Ferdowsi researches
The international award of Ferdowsi will be granted to Ferdowsi researches
Vice president and president for Iranian cultural heritage, handicrafts & tourism organization with expressing that Ferdowsi spent 30 years of his life for composing Shahnameh ( the epic of kings), said : it is worthy to send peace and greetings to his pure soul and bow

According to information center of the Fund for Revival & Utilization of historical and cultural places (SAABTA) , MassoudSoltanifarin commemoration national day of Ferdowsisaid: Hakim Ferdowsistarted the Shahnameh( the epic of kings)in the name of god the owner of wisdom and souls, ended it in a wise way and he preserved the national pride and Iranian dignity and identity.


He said:the followings are the important characteristic of Ferdowsi s word in Shahnameh (the epic of kings): wisdom, bailment, and the use of Persian words, clean wordsand pervasive& universal speech which show this persons s greatness.

ICHTO s President said :

Ferdowsihas taken an important step in creating the national unity with his magnanimityand using the pure Persian words .today we gathered here to appreciate a small part of the Toos s great man s endeavor who has protected Persian language.


The vice president with considering the beauty of Shahname s poetry said: Hakim Ferdowsi has portrayed the shahnameh subjects beautifully .hebrought out Rostam from his mother s side like a qualified physician and trained him as a hero and other part of Shahnameh brought tears to the eyes of reader by describing oppressed Siavash death.


Soltanifarstated :HakimFerdowsi tried a lot to keep alive Persian language, he is the richest literary characteristics in the west and east.

He thanked from participants and organizers this ceremony and expressed his hope for holding this glorious ceremony for years later.

In the following President of ICHTO mentioned: the cultural and important event in Mashad2017 , is a pleasurable opportunity for holding a glorious ceremony and we take the occasion for this ceremony.

Vice president pointed to the interest of researchers, poets and intellectuals of other countries to Shahname and Ferdowsi and noted: as the governor of KhorasanRazavi province has announced we hope to be witness for international Ferdowsi award ceremony to abroad poets , researchers and Shahnameh scholars.

He added : this ceremony will be held specially with the help of provincial managers next year but according to planning the ceremony will be held biennial in Mashad and next to Hakim AbolghasemFerdowsi s tomb.