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The 40 years absence of historical monuments promotion must resolve
The 40 years absence of historical monuments promotion must resolve
AllamehTabatabiee s communication professor said: historical monuments must be promoted continuously to compensate the 40 years of ignorance .

Dr.alirezahosseinipakdehi interviewed with SAABTA:

Almost every economic activity who wants to have development and stability of earning, needs to create two items, first fame and second goodwill. In fact each economic business will introduce itself by relying on its rising popularity and the goodwill cause mutual trust .


The professor added: the mentioned matter is the absent item of Iranian Tourism industry.in other words, we have not doneany effort for recognition of our tourism capacities so we could not transfer the experience of facing it tootherpeople. Therefore our bilateral relations in tourism area does not fit logically with our capacities.

He continued: the revival and utilization of historical monuments is a vast cultural activity and simultaneously an important economic indicator. Now there are two relatively negative impression here which must be wiped out and be replaced by two positive impression to witness growth in investment on historical monuments.

Alirezahosseinipakdehiexplained: the first impression must be changed is the tourists look, in their mind Iran is outlined in some cities like Isfahan, Shirazand their famous buildings.in a major change, incoming tourists mental image must be directed to the direction in which our historical monuments scattered all over the country and Iran is not summarized in Isfahan & Shiraz.


The communication Professor of Allamehuniversitymentioned: the second issue refers to the investors who have not any imagination from economic efficiency of tourism industry and historical monument revival. The investor must come to that conclusion this field has the low level of risk and high economic efficiency. The integration of these items can guarantee the investment and economic efficiency of historical monument revival.

He said: none of these events wont happen if we don’t create the fame and goodwill for our historical monumnets.this field must be promoted continuously to compensate the lack of 40 years of attention to this filed .


Hosseinypakdehi added: The developing experience of tourism industry in our neighboring countries shows that beside the high level of services the continuous promotion is effective. Whereas we have abandoned the smaller parts of our tourism attractions and for bigger attractions like historical monuments of Isfahan or Shiraz have sufficed to their natural s fame.