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  • Today Tuesday, August 11, 2020  
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Managing director of the fund for revival meet Indian Ambassador in Iran
Managing director of the fund for revival meet Indian Ambassador in Iran
The emphasis is on the definition of the joint project of restoring monuments between Iran and India
H.E.Mr.Saurab Kumar, India's Ambassador in Iran visited the historic palace of Masoodieh and meet  Mr. m. Pouyandeh, Managing Director of the Fund for revival and utilization of historic places.
According to information Centre SABTA. Poyandeh ", Managing Director of rehabilitation fund at the beginning of the meeting, while welcome to the Ambassador of India, said: there are lots historical and cultural commonalities between Iran and India.
He added: All acknowledge that relations between the two nations of Iran and India is very stable and is old and hope that with interest Mr. Ambassador saw the promotion of cooperation with the competent Fund rehabilitation centers India.
Chairman of the Board continued: investigation shows that Iran and India have signed 5 memorandums in the field of the artistic and cultural heritage, within the framework of this memorandum; we can do more serious actions.
Poyandeh emphasized: “In the past the Fund did a restoration project in India (the Persian language institute of Aligar). This project corresponds to the 9 years ago.
He explained: we prompt you the capacity of the Fund for the past ten years’ successful experience for the restoration and operation of historic monuments in the field of Persian gardens and monuments of India and also  the investment projects in the country ,especially in the Hormozgan Province and the Chabahar, free zone.
Managing Director of the Fund said:  the revival of Persian garden in Hyderabad, India is one of our suggestions for cooperation we are  ready to host delegations from archeological survey of India for  further talks on this issue to and  understanding over the possible projects .
Mohammad Reza Pouyandeh added: we officially invite the representative  the center of the Indian archaeological to Iran and meanwhile  presence in our country will know more about our experiences and start the bilateral cooperation. 
He emphasized: cultural closeness will attract Indian investors to historic places of Hormozgan and Sistan and Baloochestan Provinces and also we prompt our readiness in Finance field.  
Indian Ambassador: the rehabilitation of historic places is a good idea for cultural relations.
H.E.Mr.Saurab Kumar,the Indian ambassador in I.R.Iran continued: I started the day with the visit of  gorgeous Masoodieh Mansion  .
He added the visit of Indian Prime minister after 15 years is an important matter and bilateral relations between our countries will start a new chapter.

He added: it is very interesting for me that I find every passing day new similarities between Iran and India, there are lots of similarities in architecture, culture and art and Indian government is ready to improve the cultural relations more. 
Saurab Kumar said : bilateral cooperation between Iran and India in the field of revival of historic places is a good idea and we will work on it.

India Ambassador in Iran said: we will be happy if you let us to know more about your cultural ideas and if you provide us a project like you said we will be ready to start in President Roohani’s trip to our country in the future.
He added: we have archeological survey in our country that is responsible for historic monuments and we will coordinate with this center about your bilateral relations.
He said: Indian like historic places and due to the large number of monuments in your country it  will increase Indian tourist to come to Iran.