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We should be good protectors and guardians for the national capital
Ambassador of Spain meet Managing Director of the Fund
Ambassador of Spain meet Managing Director of the Fund
The emphasis is on the use of Spain experiences about the revival of historical places H.E. Eduardo Lopez Busquets , The Ambassador of Spain in I.R.Iran while visiting the mansion Masoudieh spoke with Mohammad Reza Poyandeh , the Managing Director of the Fund for Reviv
According to the SAABTA report (the information center of the Fund)Mr.Poyandeh meanwhile welcoming Mr.Lopez  Busquets said : we hope new condition improve our cooperation and necessary actions will start regarding the revival and utilization of historical places.
He added : after the establishment of the eleventh government  and due to the growth in the rate of incoming  tourists, we face with  increased demand for investment in historic buildings with different functions, such as accommodation, catering, craft markets, exhibitions and cultural events center. So we faced with 600% growth in investors last year.
The managing director of the fund continued:
last year, when the minister of energy and tourism of Spain  visited Iran , we visited the president of Paradores and talked about the method of rehabilitation and utilization of historic buildings and now we again invite her to our country for exchanging the experiences.

He said: we hope that we will improve our bilateral relations with Spain in this area of expertise.

He also emphasized the necessity of introducing the investment opportunities of the fund to Spanish companies and said:
due to the increase of interest and willingness of European and Spanish tourists to travel to Iran, investment in our country is really attractive and there are lots of investment opportunities in tourism facilities and utilization of historical places in Iran and we hope that we will visit the Spanish investors for tourism infrastructures in our country.
H.E.Mr. Eduardo Lopez Busquets said:
I have been general manager of planning the Middle East for 4 years, and we did lots of things in the field of tourism. Last year, Spain's minister of tourism and energy came to Iran and important issues were raised during the visit.

The Ambassador of Spain in Iran with pointing to participation of a Spanish delegation in Kermanshah for the management of historical places said: The delegation's second presence in Iran is a good opportunity for your fund to negotiate about technical matters.
He added: we hope that Paradores with 85 years’ experience in management of historical places will help you about the consulting and expertise services. 
Eduardo Lopez Busquets referring to the launch of the new Spanish government explained Iran as one of the country's major trading partners and added:
We can cooperate in many sectors like tourism and rehabilitation of historic places and we have three months to launch the new government in Madrid so we will take these 3 months for preparing the necessity fields of cooperation. 
He emphasized: I look forward to introduce you the advisors to transfer experiences, because our investment approach is toward Latin America and the north part of Africa because most of our tourists show interest to these countries.
Spain's ambassador in Tehran, referring also to presence of a delegation in Iran next week said: We can coordinate more during the visit of the delegation to hold further discussions on our bilateral cooperation in the restoration of historic buildings and we think seriously about signing a memorandum of understanding with the Fund , because I believe that bilateral cooperation in this field is available.