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Foreign Countries can Enter Coworking with Iranian Investors in Reviving Historic Buildings
Foreign Countries can Enter Coworking with Iranian Investors in Reviving Historic Buildings
In a meeting session with the CEO of Rink, a French company, the administrator of the Revival Fund stated that, investment in historic buildings of the Revival Fund as joint venture is possible and foreign companies such as Rink can enter coworking with Iranian investor

According to SABTA news agency report, the administrator of the Revival Fund, welcomed any collaboration with competent foreign companies in restoration and revival of Iranian historic buildings. He asserted that, because of the special characteristics of the Revival Fund, foreign investors will be able to invest on the historic buildings owned by the Fund, through joint venture with Iranian investors; so Rink Company can enter a coworking process with an Iranian company.

Janfeshan pointed out that if this French company visits the successfully revived buildings by the Revival Fund, it can have a better and more transparent picture of the process and will be more inclined to collaborate with Iranian companies. In addition, the Revival Fund is ready to hold joint meetings among Iranian investors and foreign investors who are interested to work in this area. “Holding joint educational workshops about the restoration of historic buildings and the exchange of experiences between the parties, is what we hope to operationalize as soon as possible”, he added.

In this meeting, Ahmad Yousefi, the Rink Company representative, stated: “in post-JCPA period, Iran has prepared suitably to receive foreign investments. I have shown the investment packages to many private sector investors in France, and these packages have attracted their attention.”

Yousefi referred to the history of Rink Company in important international projects; “ Rink Company have a great deal of experiences in restoring and reviving historic buildings and internal decoration design for old buildings, and given the fact that Iran is a vast country with a rich culture and numerous historical monuments and buildings, we will be pleased to collaborate with Iran in reviving historic buildings and investing on these buildings”, he added.

Yousefi mentioned Emanuel Macron’s imminent trip to Iran and stated that this trip is an indicative of the good relationship between the two countries and certainly will have proper consequences for developing mutual cooperation among the economic bodies.