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The Revival of Historic Buildings can Improve Employment in our Country/ The Necessity of Utilizing Hum
The Revival of Historic Buildings can Improve Employment in our Country/ The Necessity of Utilizing Hum
The administrator of the Fund for Revival and Utilization of Historic and Cultural Places emphasized on the role of reviving historical buildings in utilizing the endogenous capabilities of the country and realizing Resistance Economy. “The increasing rate of entrusting

According to SABTA news agency report, in an assembly of the Revival Fund staff, Parham Janfeshan emphasized on the necessity of utilizing human resources and expert opinion in reviving historic buildings. “Nowadays, utilizing the endogenous capabilities of the country is one of the most important elements of operationalizing the Resistance Economy, and we believe that the reliable capacity of historic buildings in our country can serve this objective”, he added.

He pointed out that one of the most important objectives of Hassan Rouhani’s Government is to increase public partnership in topics such as economy. He said that the increasing rate of entrusting historic buildings to the competent private sector can open a vital path for employment in the country and realize some government policies like reducing dependency on oil revenues.

Janfeshan asserted that the new administration board of the Revival Fund tries to render the revival of historic buildings by private sector more competitive than ever. In addition, transparency in providing the information about historic buildings and investment processes can facilitate and accelerate the presence and contribution of private sector.

Janfeshan continued: “The trust and support I received from the Vice President and the head of the Cultural Heritage, the Handcrafts and Tourism Organization in such an important and strategic category as entrusting historic buildings, has doubled my burden of responsibility. With the help of those who can be effective in this field, I hope I will do my best to revive these national treasures and preserve them for the next generation.

The administrator of the Revival Fund mentioned that, nowadays, the importance of reviving historic buildings is doubled, because these buildings can play a crucial role in developing tourism industry infrastructures and attracting more tourists. The competitive advantage of Iran for developing tourism are the existing historic buildings, so it is up to us to exploit them in attaining the grand objective of the Islamic Iran.