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Government of Hassan Rouhani will Experience an Evolution in Tourism Sector / Semnan Capacities can mak
Government of Hassan Rouhani will Experience an Evolution in Tourism Sector / Semnan Capacities can mak
The Windcatcher historic mansion (Kalantar’s House) in Semnan, opened on October, 25, in the presence of Ali-Asghar Moonesan, the Vice President and The head of ICHTO.
According to SABTA news agency report, these people participated in the opening ceremony of the windcathcer mansion (Kalantar’s Historic House): Mohammad Moheb Khodaii, vice president of Tourism sector; Mirhadi Ghareh Seyed Romiani, legal affairs assistant of Islamic Consultative Assembly and Provinces for ICHTO; Mohammadreza Khabbaz, governor-general of Semnan and his assistants; Hosein Khajeh Bidokhti, general manager of Semnan Cultural Heritage; Hemmati, representative of Semnan, Mahdishahr and Sorkheh in Islamic Consultative Assembly; and other authorities and administrators of Semnan Province. 
The head of ICHTO thanked the investor of this historical mansion and Semnan administrators, and said that the tourism industry has become the third economy throughout the world and the revenues of this industry is about 126 million dollars per year. This industry plays an important role in the gross domestic product, and in many countries its share is about 9%. Unfortunately, this figure for our country is very low. 
“Given the long and rich history and the abundant natural, historical and cultural capacities of Iran, I will try my best to make tourism flourish. To create more jobs in tourism industry, we only need a small investment. In addition, the jobs created in this industry are profitable and more stable in relation to other industries”, he added. 
He asserted that, in tourism industry, creating each job needs just 500 million Rials, while in other industries this figure reaches to 5 billion Rials. According to the Sixth Plan and 1404 Perspective, our objective is to reach 20 million tourist visits a year (now it is 4,900,000 visits). 
Moonesan believed that the Government of Hassan Rouhani will experience an evolution in this sector and to reach the perspective 20 million visits, each and every authority should use his/her best efforts. 
He pointed out that Semnan possesses good capacities such as desert tourism, historic buildings, cultural ceremonies and rituals, etc. and these potentials can attract many tourists from around the world. 
The head of ICHTO reminded that projects that can attract tourists are a motive for the tourism industry, and the authorities of Semnan Province and the investors should pay more attention to this sector in order to increase the attractiveness of this province for tourists. 
He pointed out to the special plans of the tourism sector of ICHTO and the department of ICHTO in Semnan for developing tourism in this province, and said: “we hope that Semnan will be a good tourist destination, and to realize that we need help from city managers. We hope that, together we can elevate the tourism industry, which is a short and easy path to progress in every country.” 
The historic Kalantar’s House, was entrusted to an investor from the private sector and was utilized in 1395 for a total expenditure of 6.5 billion Rials. 
The investor of this building, who is now restoring Taheri’s House, by now has received 8 billion Rials debt instruments.