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Parham Janfeshan said in an interview with SABTA
The First National Festival of Historical Buildings Photography, titled “Ehya” (Revival) will be opened
The First National Festival of Historical Buildings Photography, titled “Ehya” (Revival) will be opened
According to the head of the Revival Fund, the first national festival of historical building photography, titled “Ehya”, will be held concurrent with the 11th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries in late January, 2018.

According to SABTA news agency report, Parham Janfeshan said: “among the main objectives of this national and cultural event in photography area, I can mention promoting culture and attracting more attention towards cultural heritages and historical buildings of our country, emphasizing the buildings that have been neglected through the camera lenses, and introducing and planning for other historical buildings of our country.”

The head of the Revival Fund, pointed out that showing the flow of life in revived historical buildings is one of the main subjects of this festival. “Introducing historical buildings such as caravanserais, Baths, cisterns, and historical sites of our country, paying attention to the cultural values and distinguishing them in Iranian historical monuments are other objectives pursued in this festival”, he added.

In this regard, Parham Janfeshan appointed Seyed Reza Moosavi, an experienced photographer in art and cultural heritage area (and a member of referee committee in the 11th Photography Course in the 32nd Fajr Theatre Festival and the secretary of the photography part of this festival), and Mojtaba Chenari, a photography teacher (a referee in National Police Photography in 2008 and 2010), as members of policy-making council of the first “Ehya” Photography Festival.

He also invited Ramin Afshari, CEO of the Touring & Automobile Club, and Roohollah Mahdinejad, the head of social relations center in ICHTO, to participate in the policy-making council of this festival (5 members).

Janfeshan, the head of the policy-making council of the first “Ehya” Photography Festival, appointed Seyed Amin Saneymehri - the director of public relations in the Fund for Revival and Utilization of Historic and Cultural Places - as the secretary, and Hasan Tasbihpoor – the security manager of the Revival Fund – as the security authority of the first National Festival of Historical Buildings Photography.

He also appointed Afshin Bakhtyar – ex-memebr of UNESCO Photographers in the Middle East and ringmaster of documentary photography – Seyfollah Samadian – member of the policy-making council in Honaro Tajrobeh cinema group and the CEO of Iranian Photographers association – Kyarang A’alaii – member of the referee committee in the 11th National Biennial Photography and the secretary of the National Festival of Mashhad Photography – Shadi Ghadirian – whose photo collection has been revealed in Victorial Albert Museum in England and Centre Georges Pompidou in France – and Saeed Mahmoodi Aznaveh – the CEO of the Association of Cultural Heritage Photographers – as the referees of this national festival.

Finally, Parham Janfeshan asserted that “a recall for the festival will be published as soon as possible and all the photographers and enthusiasts have three months (from late January to early April) to send their photographs to the secretariat of this festival.”