All three fields of activities of the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) are equally important.  Particularly from cultural perspective; introducing Iranian culture and civilization to the world 
entails dynamic cultural heritage in order to inscribe more new sites and cases to our national and international cultural heritage list.
Some of our cities and alleys are cultural heritage by themselves; the interior architecture can be changed taking into account conservation of the exterior appearance in order to facilitate their utilization.
Cities with traditional architecture which are numerous in Iran are potent to be preserved and conserved with their authentic appearance. 
One of the ways to conserve and preserve cultural and historic places and buildings is to change their land-use as tourism settlements. There are some good and successful examples of this kind of utilization in the world.
We should investigate different methods for preservation of cultural and historic places and buildings along with appropriate utilization. 
There are abundant historical monuments in Iran which must be conserved and preserved towards protecting our culture. By protecting these sites and monuments, we can introduce our Iranian history, culture, art, thoughts, lives, and architecture. We should expand our measures by promotional activities to introduce our heritage including cultural, ancient and natural beauties considering Iran's diverse climate. 
Considering the role of investment in promoting cultural and historic places and sites, private sector is urged to invest in this field. (26 May 2014)