Providing executive, economic, technical, financial, supportive policies and planning (short term, middle-term and long term) to fulfill the objectives and legal duties of the Fund.
Approval and notification of policies, programs, instructions and regulations related to the Fund’s activities and monitoring the implementations 
Providing a platform and conditions towards implementing required measures in order to play the legal duties of the Fund to cooperate and collaborate with different governmental, public, non-governmental, and private sectors in terms of reviving and economic utilizing of revivable historic and cultural places and buildings.
Cooperation with the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Deputyships of the Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization to enhance related scientific, economic, research, educational, cultural, artistic, publication and promotional standards to develop and consolidate qualitative and quantitative promotion of reviving and utilizing process of historic and cultural buildings and sites.
Providing social, cultural, economic, legal and administrative condition to help establishing and supporting all activities undertaken by institutions, non-governmental corporations active in the field of investment, technical, management and utilization of historic-cultural places and buildings.
Cooperation with economic, cultural, academic, research, higher education and executive institutes and entities in national and international levels and presenting research, advisory, executive and management services in the framework of the fund’s responsibilities.
Attracting cooperation and participation of the governmental, non-governmental public, domestic and foreign private sectors and local communities aiming at revival and utilization of revivable historic and cultural sites and monuments.
Establishing companies, satellite institutes and affiliated administrations in order to expand the activities of the Fund and promote the economy of revival and utilization of cultural historic places.
Recognizing, organizing and market management of the activities, services and products and etc related to revival and utilization.
Identifying and classifying revivable cultural and historic monuments (characteristics of the structure and other features)
Conduction fundamental studies and documentation of revivable cultural and historic places and buildings. 
Setting up a database on up to date economic technical data and information accessible for all stakeholders of the Fund.
Preparing criteria and instruction to monitor the method of defining the land-use of cultural historic monuments with respect to historic, cultural, artistic, natural, social, environmental features and the capacity to meet today’s requirements from the point of view of sustainable development.
Preparing and implementing restoration, revival and utilization plans for historic and cultural places and building along with providing consultancy, management and executive services.
Providing a platform for a good performance of rules, regulations, contracts, and national and international conventions in terms of revival, utilization and maintenance of cultural and historic buildings and places and recommendation on issuing utilization permits.
Studying, investigating and monitoring implementation of plans for restoration, revival, and utilization of cultural historic places and buildings and taking necessary actions to prevent illegal utilization of the said monuments
Applied and fundamental research aiming at better performance of the undertaken duties.
Financial, management, legal, professional support and facilities for owners of the revivable historic-cultural places and monuments aiming at reviving and utilizing historic-cultural places and buildings (in coordination and collaboration with  relevant deputyships of ICHTO)
 Preparing, implementing and monitoring the implementation of approved instructions to accomplish the fund’s duties set out in detailed job performance and periodical review.