The following conditions and criteria are required to define appropriate land-use:
Reviving is aiming at conservation and promotion of historical, cultural, social, artistic, structural, natural and spiritual values of the places by cultural, historical, social and economic capacities and advantages in order to adapt contemporary needs with rules and  regulations;
Once real land-use is not possible to be applied due to social, economic, cultural and technical conditions, defining new land-use is applicable in compliance with the criteria as follow:
- Considering the authentic use of the place
- Defining the land-use be considered the best measure for conservation;
- Building’s carrying-capacity and its resilience to natural disasters should be considered;
- Realizing surrounding natural and cultural landscape
- Consequences of interventions without any restrictions to capacities and no changes on preliminary framework should be considered;
- The possibility of complementary and supplementary measures in case of requiring more space beyond the available one taking into account the maintenance of authenticity and integrity;
- Being compatible with cultural and social surroundings
- Striking balance between the original artistic and architectural values of the building and the new decoration and furniture
- Being respondent to cultural, economic and social needs of the building
- Economic justification of the proposed land-use
- The possibility of realization of the proposed land-use from legal point of view.