These places are those of which capacities can be compatible with contemporary needs (by applying their land-use, granting appropriate and-use and utilization) taking into account its conservation and values.
According to the aforementioned point, except the exquisite monuments which are generally required to be studied and surveyed solely, all historical places are revivable unless they cannot get resorted due to the lack of information on technical-historical background.
Revival is a targeted process to enhance conservation, guarantee the survival and to grant appropriate land-use in order to utilize cultural and historical buildings and places. The required conditions and criteria are as follow:
1. Complying the capacities with the contemporary needs and economic utilization taking into account the preservation of the values;
2. The possibility of scientific restoration ( based on available documents);
3. The possibility of revival by maintaining its authenticity and promotion;
4. The possibility of changing, maintaining or enhancing the land-use.
5. Not being recognized as the exquisite monuments.

Note 1: 
The places are prioritized according to the possibility of transferring management to private sector and attracting private investments.
Note 2: 
Considering the importance of historical places, the revival process is required to be under supervision of professional experts and the utilization is required to be well-preserved and maintained.