Principles of identification of cultural and historic places which can get revitalized.

Some criteria and conditions are required as follows:

Adaptation of the capacities (its values must be conserved) with current needs and utilization must be applicable.

Scientific restoration (based on available documents) must be possible.

Revival must be possible along with conservation of authenticity and enhancement.

Land-use could be stabilized, changed or enhanced.

It should not be considered as national precious places.



The cases of which management can be transferred to private sector and are potent to receive investment from national and foreign private sectors, are the priorities.


Professional studies should be done by technical deputy of the Fund and must be approved by the committee representing provincial management, cultural heritage deputyship and technical deputy of the Fund.


Revival is done considering the importance of historic buildings, delicacy and antiquity of the buildings, required attention and supervision of professional experts in the field of revival.